I've been told I'm a little selfish...

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

Cluing up week 4 of this covid racket and today I stepped in dog shit. 6:20 am. Taking some time for me...I'm sure you seen me post the cute pic on my Instagram story- "just checking in." Day 11 of our #getmovingchallenge. Yep, took the perfect pic added a filter, tags and bam....dog shit! I should have taken a pic of that- you would have gotten a good laugh outta me scuffing my hiking boots though the snow trying to get the dang dog dudu off my boots...it was pretty fresh too I may add. We'll leave it at that... So I kept walking, My fav Taylor swift song blasting through the streets "welcome to New York" (ps I don't use headphones;) no kids, I never even woke the dog to come, totally selfish #mommytime

Selfish? Nah not really. Last year I would have never...I mean never gone for a walk without a stroller in tow and a 60lbs dog dragging me. Cursing and swearing because Tori (thats my dog) would have to stop, sniff and pee every 2 mins of the walk. Scarlett screaming to get out, screaming for snacks. Throwing her boots on the road...oh there goes her socks. For god sakes, the bugger wont even sit in her stroller without putting on a holy shit show- kicking and screaming "Walk mommy walk"...in the most savage strained voice her little mouth can let out...its actually horrifying lol. So yes I went for a walk all alone, hate me. Trash talk me if you like, dog shit and all and it felt so good!

Working on me. My mindset- it sounds so stupid. Yea I thought so too.

I've read the books. I've watched the most successful bossbabes kill it at home and in business. I laughed at my husband when he started the 5am routine- but slowly realised how it transformed him and his business on a huge scale. The one thing they all have in common- making "ME" priority. Not by being selfish or uninvolved in their family life, but by finding time to work on number one...

Last year I joined a challenge. Little did I know that one 30 day challenge would transform me. It was a weight loss/ get healthy program, Fitnurse30 ( I give my friend, kick ass coach and the most caring nurse, Rebecca credit along with my 5sa family for encouraging me to stick with it and helping me loose 30lbs! I think? Of stubborn baby weight. Honestly I cant remember the exact numbers...I just know how that one program changed me- forever.

Im no Expert,

But I've picked up a few tips from some very experienced and inspirational people since that one program last summer- and I try to connect and surround myself with these kind of people everyday. Did it come easy? Of course not. Trial and error. Early mornings. Rearranging our schedule to make time. Legit its 2pm, I have myself locked in the basement while my husband Josh, is on daddy duty so I can work, learn and clear my head... sure I can still hear my screaming kids in the distance, but they aren't screaming for me! They say it takes time to make things a habit. Some say 66 days. I say write it down everyday, check in- keep yourself accountable. Make a goal list. Cross off every achievement- I'm willing to bet after 30 days you can make a new habit. Do you have a planner on your phone, or an old school agenda? I do! I literally write out my big goals at the beginning of every month and daily goals or my top 3 "task" every night. Business related, family related and personal. And every night I mock up my schedule for the following day- heres how it kinda goes;

Make a Plan. Every night I make a tentative plan for the following day. Saying I'll exercise for 30mins sounds simple, writing it down (yep no sweat), I bet most of you have schedules like our family schedule- life is a god damn rat race... fitting 30mins in some days seems near impossible, but really 30 minutes isn't much, is it? Get yourself a cheap note book, agenda and write it down. Maybe your tech savvy- download a fancy app, start writing and start committing.

Get up an hour early every morning... or two hours if you're part of the #5amclub. . I literally write that. All these words in bold print that you see while you skim this page, I have written in my scheduler. 5am isn't for everyone- I totally get it. Maybe your kids or your dog dont wake until 10am (lucky you) so try and get up at 9. This is the time I take to ground myself.... to do many of the things I'm going to list below. Time to shower. To put on my 5min face. To look at the 3 task for today in my planner and try to start my day off right. Believe me it makes a huge difference putting on mascara and brushing my teeth without a 22 month old screaming and pulling at me wanting to get up. For me, the clock going off 2 hours earlier and actually getting out of the bed is as good as winning the lottery.

Get off the couch, get active. "Exercise" its preached everywhere. Im not trying to become any type of fitness coach, but I know how damn good I feels after I go for a walk, break a sweat at a group class or feel grounded after my yoga. Never EVER did I think I'd be into yoga. Legit, it took me a couple weeks to warm up to it, but now I love it. Do I do all these activities everyday... of course not. But I make sure I do something EVERY SINGLE DAY, for at least 30mins a day. We all struggle- find a way to keep yourself accountable. Add it to your calendar, cross off the days as you do them, keep yourself on track and accountable. Ask a friend to join you, post it on social, join a facebook group- thats what I do!

STOP Obsessing over the news. Usually my scheduler will say "limit the mindless scrolling- go read." Now it says "stop watching the news." Not that it isn't important, Im not saying that. But it's important to get the facts, only the facts, and move on. Yes tune into the local news ONCE a day to get the latest numbers & updates. But man don't be reading all the stuff on facebook. All the media articles that are ultimately selling you the covid news....Pick up a book. Listen to one over audio, I've actually started listening to podcast! Start painting. Get Creative.. hell turn off CNN, go watch the Young and the Restless. I'm not sure if that even airs anymore, but get your mind out of the gutter and find something else to watch or read.

You are what you Eat. Eat healthy. I'm no dietitian, nor am I trying to pretend I know what Im talking about. I just make sure I'm mindful of what I put on my plate. Meal prep. Its no time like the present to really cut back on fast food... #juststayhome Sure we're all gonna slip and accidentally eat a full bag of Doritos & a bottle of wine while facetiming your girlfriends... but don't let that one slip get you down. Ps drink all the water. And don't fret over what the kids are eating.. set a good example, but ladies let them eat the god damn kraft dinner if they want.

Set a bedtime. I don't mean for you (but I'm usually in the bunk by 10pm). What can I say, I need 7 hrs of sleep. But all you mommas set a bedtime for your kids. When school was open of course things were more structured, but put the darn kids to bed a sensible time. It's adult time. Not that were personally getting frisky at this time lol I'm beat by 8pm and mornings work much better for us;) #5amclub lol. But set some kid free time- to do whatever the hell it is you wanna do. Binge watch Netflix. Call your mudder. Drink a glass of wine or finish off the bottle....

Get out- Let the stink blow off ya. Go get outside. Self explanatory. I don't need to write that in my planner lol or tell you guys I'm sure. It's kinda automatic, we might not be able to go many places right now, but when the weather corporates enjoy a good cup of coffee on your back deck. Have a game of hockey with your kids in the driveway or go for a hike- don't forget to pack a lunch. We cant walk around the block without packing snacks...life with kids.

Get dressed. Everyday. You can put on yoga pants or gym clothes if you want- hell your husbands oversized sweats, but get out of those pjs. Put on your 5min makeup face (I'll add that to a blog in a couple weeks!) Seriously, when was the last time you put on jeans? Washed your hair? Put on some lipstick to make yourself feel sassy.

Lastly, surround yourself with like minded people- Engage digitally with people who motivate and inspire you. It could be other moms, fitness people, entrepreneurs- find people who have goals, who aren't afraid to put themselves out there, who aren't full of doom and gloom. They are everywhere on social. I'm not talking about all the free spirit hipsters who aren't taking this covid serious, but join an online book club. An online Fitness challenge. Start a morning zoom call with your mommy friends while everyones youngsters are screaming and whining in the background. Listen to other peoples stories and let them hear yours. Knowing you aren't alone right now- that we're all in the same boat right now will do your mind so much good. Now is not the time to hide, go find your own inspirational circle.

So thats how I do it. I'm not saying everyone needs to stop what you're doing and do everything I do. I'm hoping tho, some of you may pick up one small thing and say "if she can do it, I can too!" I get so many people ask me "how do you do it?" Somedays, honestly I'm not sure either. I started working on this shit, sorry on Me and my mindset long before this pandemic, I thought I had it all figured out. 4 weeks ago when schools closed- I fell in a rut. I went a week without showering. I didn't put my face on. I hardly washed my face. I didn't go through the door (at that point we were still allowed). Full on depressed, panic state...there are days where I crash. Days where I still feel defeated, cry and curse my head off like a mad women- but I don't let those days get the best of me. I refocus, I open my agenda, I find time to work on me....my mind, my body- every single day.... #hatersgonnahate


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