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Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Oh Hey guys, Its me...Michelle! Michelle my bell. Bombshell by Michelle... or MOM, call me what you like. I started journaling and man does it ever feel great to jot down my thoughts, frustrations and wrap my head around practicing gratitude. As I lay in bed, trying to stay awake, I'm like- "man I think others would like to hear this shit" so why not share it. Writing it in one of Bennett's (thats my 6 year old son, Im sure you'll hear lots about him) note books is fun, but man my penmanship is awful, I can hardly read it myself. So here we are, I figured what better way to connect, unwind, get creative, put myself out there and let go of some of my mommy frustrations then right here on my very own blog.

Life right now is a little strange. I'm stuck at home SAFE with my family. Sure it’s hard, but man is it ever INCONVENIENT. I heard someone in one of the podcast (yes I started listening to podcast since all this Covid stuff started happening) rephrase the words "hard" & "stuck"...and it really hit home. I never imagined I'd be forced, I mean have the OPPORTUNITY to spend so much time at home with my kids- while working 3 businesses, what a challenge- but I'm lucky I have the CHOICE. Just take a sec, re-read this paragraph again. It's funny how it sounds so negative, but by changing just one word, it can make a world of a difference. Am I one of those super wishy washy idealistic "life is great people"... no far from it. But now, more than ever is the time to rethink how I think. How I act. How I cope. And How I maneuver through life.

So heres what you can expect:

1. I have NEVER written or published anything worth reading.

Keep that in mind.

2. I am full of ideas.

But my spelling and grammar is the pits-Kind of like my penmanship #donthate.

3. I write, exactly how I talk.

Sorry for anyone who has never spoken to a Fogo Islander before, we kinda have our own Newfie language.

4. There will be F. Bombs.

What can I say- Its my way of unleashing frustration. Theres nothing better then laying down a good "god damn" from time to time.

5. I'm gonna talk about my kids...

I apologize in advance.

6. Did I mention I cook?

I promise I'll share my meal prep ideas & Recipes!

7. I have a passion for Fashion.

I wont be pushy or sales-y, I swear! I'll share my fav #ootd and affordable fab finds!

8. Home Decor & DIY's!

Im a Pinterest pinner & a Homesense addict... I'll show off my redecorating projects... hopefully the hubby doesn't follow along too closely, we cant have him tracking all my new purchases once things go back to normal;)

9. I will drink wine.

I may even be drunk writing most of these post after the kids head to bed #momlife

10. I promise to be real.

Theres nothing to hold back. If you follow me on social you see our crazy life... there is never a dull moment- trust me, I cant make this shit up even if I tried.

So your in for a treat! I hope you Follow along... Go ahead and Subscribe lol man that sounds so cheesy!


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