What a time to switch gears & change careers...

2020. Four months in, we'e experienced the biggest snow storm likely ever in history, a world wide pandemic and now a mass shooting in our very own backyard. I really think the universe is out to push us to our limits... testing us to see how many of us will crack. Rewind- 2020 its been a hell of year and were only 4 months in. Today I officially signed my first Real Estate client. Today I was also gifted a 4 week, FREE online bootcamp membership from an anonymous soul. Today one of my half ass video tours of a current listing has not one, but two potential buyers interested. I officially became a Realtor in February, right in the middle of Snowmageddon. I decided to take my nursing hat off for a short "retirement" (clearly not to sound incentive or unconcerned- but I really dodged a bullet there).

People think I'm crazy.

I've had people, and when I say "people" I mean some family & friends actually say- "your not going to give up your nursing". For a while I immediately replied, well kinda reacted "no my god no, I'm just taking a little break". Now, honesty Im not sure how "short" of a break it will be. Maybe I'll decide working with Josh, you know "spouses selling houses" isn't for me. Maybe next week we have a spike in our Covid cases, the hospital and resources will crash, they'll be desperate and I'll have to put that nursing hat back on and jump back in- who knows. So yea I chose maybe the worst timing in life to make a huge move... I cried. Even yelled at Josh a time or two for being so supportive and encouraging (what a thing to complain about- #reallifebombshell here guys) but my gut keeps telling me, in the long run it will be the best decision for me and our family. Will I fall flat on my face.. will I fail, yep, I can bet on it.

Today I'm prepping to "meet" with my first official buyer client and his family through Facetime. Honestly I thought I'd hit the ground running and be working with my 6th client by now. But no. First client. Moving to the province, we are meeting via Facetime. There is a global pandemic. I've learned lots and I mean lots from Josh, but right now I have no idea what im doing #fakeittilyoumakeit

Working from home.

I know its a luxury honestly compared to the alternative. Ps I love all my friends who are frontline workers and wish for this to be all over ASAP. From talking to 99% of them, they have reassured me that if they had the option to stay home, they wouldnt give it a second thought..

Anyone reading this trying to work or keep a businesses afloat from home? Got your stay-at-home mom hat on and business hat on too? Your trying to be professional while also being someones snack bitch, cuddle monster and ass wiper? Sounds glamorous- I know. Maybe you don't have kids, But I'm sure working from home still has its challenges. I hate laundry, but folding clothes right now seems a lot more appealing then maintaining deals, processing boutique orders or cleaning our airbnb (incase you weren't aware, outside of my online clothing boutique and #soldbystokes Real Estate biz- we also have a couple airbnb's. So I'm not only the cleaner of my own home, but for the bnb as well while this covid crisis is on the go). I posted a meme last week..."cleaning your house with everyone home is like brushing your teeth while eating oreos"...amen. Literally theres no point. Then you have a dog shedding her winter coat, like its still snowing here pups save it for another couple weeks #hellospring. Safe to say our house is probably the dirtiest time I've ever seen it. Boys she's lived in...and I'm ok with that.

So we've been winging it. 3 businesses. 2 kids. No childcare.

It's a freaking rat race around here. Loosing 40hrs/week in childcare while the world is still moving. Our businesses and still open, we are still listing and selling homes. We still have bookings and guest to attend to at our airbnbs. I'm still processing and packaging Bombshell orders. We're managing. We've gotten a little more creative, over the past few weeks and everyday theres something new- but guys were managing.

Try to stick with routine- that morning routine. I know mornings are so much nicer right now, not having to get yourself and the entire family ready and out the door by 8:30am- maybe even earlier for some of you. Enjoy it, honestly I'm not missing the morning rush. But its important to still have some sort of routine in your life and your kids life...I'm no expert, I forgot to set Ben's alarm on his iPad last night, went to bed 10:45pm- buddy was still up playing roadblocks, #momoftheyear This isn't his routine- and this morning his cranky, tried attitude certainly showed. Myself and Josh get up at 5am, we might never talk to each other until 2 hours later, Josh listens to his podcast or reads in the living room with his coffee (oh and now he's started roller bladder #hubbahubba). I hit the basement office- do my journal and I exercise- walk, yoga or do a live bootcamp class through zoom! I touch base with customers who had messaged over night and pull out my agenda, set priorities for the day, grab a coffee, wash and do my 5 min face. Its likely 7am by now and I can hear screams from upstairs- the kids are up! I'm not saying you need to do what I do, I'm just saying that I have a half days work done or at least planned before the party starts here at the zoo...

Time block-- by's now is not the time to have an empty 2020 scheduler. If you're working from home, got a boss remotely sending you projects or you're trying to keep the momentum going within your own business- open that calendar and plan your day. If your a stay at home mom, I'm sure your all over the place trying to keep the kids occupied- set a time for reading, a time for arts and crafts... an hour or two for electronics so you can enjoy your coffee in peace- schedule it in, write it down! If you live alone this goes for you to! If your home bored wishing you could work- sign up for one of the thousand direct sales opportunities out there- legit why not? Whats the worst that can happen- you'll get a bunch of free shit and a year full of discounts- pop that in your calendar!

Set work hours. Get up and pretend you're heading into work. Maybe you wont put on the same office outfit, curl your hair or put on the mascara- but get up, wash your face, brush your teeth and get dressed at least. Set your hours. The hours you can focus and effectively work. Plan it around your families schedule. Around your zoom meetings. Plan it-- write it down. Maybe you can only commit to 1 hr a day or a couple hours every other day- plan it and stick with it.

Designate work space. SO SO IMPORTANT- well at least for me. Create a work space. It could be your kitchen table, spare room, corner in your bedroom- please don't lay on the bed. Have a designated area where you can try and stay focused, make the most of the time you've set aside to work. As I'm proof reading this I'm looking around at my work space....its a space but its a disaster at the moment. One of Friday's task, 2pm organize the office- its there, time blocked in my planner.

Stay on task. Martha leave the arts and crafts til 2pm, the laundry til another day. If you set your office hours from 10-noon every day then you work, and do nothing else during that time but work. No distractions. No Facebook scrolls- unless you work for facebook and your are working your business through facebook- no mindless scrolling...keep the memes til tonight.

Ask for help. Within your bubble. Ask your partner, to work with you and help. Ask the older kids to help with the younger kids. Ask nan to Facetime from 2-4pm everyday so you can return calls and not get interrupted 3000 times to answer questions from your 6 year old... get creative and ask for help when you need it.

Look for opportunities. Local Business owners get it- I see you doing all sorts of things, trying all kinds of creative, weird and wonderful things to keep your business going. I Love it! We're doing it. Getting strategic, keeping an open mind to try new things to keep the momentum going in our businesses...in all 3 of them. Legit hit me up if you need an idea or need someone to bounce ideas off of, I'd be happy to help! Maybe you're at home, laid off- at this point I'm not sure if feel bad or envy you? This is for you too. Look for opportunities in your life and in the community to give back. To get involved. Look for opportunities in your business. In your personal Life and In your community to give yourself some meaning and goals to focus on!


It's been a hell of a year. It's been 2 weeks since I wrote this blog, I'm only just getting the time to proof read and fix the million spelling mistakes. I'm actually working on my 2nd Real Estate deal! Two clients signed, Josh is helping me work out two deals and I have 3 hot leads I'm cultivating to work with in the coming weeks! The Government just released a "reopening Plan" for the Province. Oh and my awesome, life saving friend Amanda has moved ib! I'm spoiled, yes I know- we now have our very own live-in Nanny. Trying to keep 3 businesses afloat is hard. Working from home is a blessing, but it has its challenges. We're managing. We're getting creative. We're trying new things. We aren’t going to give up. And we're taking all the help and guidance we can get!

Xo, Stay Safe,

Real Life Bombshell

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